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The Jennifer Aniston Workout: When working a busy job, or when undergoing a stressful situation, most people will forget about taking care of their body and any fitness regime will be thrown out the window.  However, Jennifer Aniston is not “most people”. This bombshell has proven that as much as she has been under great stress both professionally and personally (e.g. Brad Pitt saga, media scrutiny, the end of the Friends series etc) she still manages to keep an unbelievable physique and stays healthy.

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Jennifer Aniston is in her 40′s and she still has a pair of the most talked about legs in the entertainment business.  When asked, she responds… it’s all part of her “Jennifer Aniston Workout” regime.  So we’ll continue to refer to it as the Jennifer Aniston Workout and this program proves that anyone can bounce back with a shapely figure after major downturns in life.  And if her current body has something to do with it. it’s really a showcase for the best toned bodies in Hollywood.  Period.  We will breakdown the workout and provide you with an opportunity to get yourself a copy so you too and get you body into tip top shape.

Don’t have a sexy body?  Get one by following the Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine

Beside being a well know movie star, TV serial star and all round celebrity, Jennifer Aniston has also been known for her slim but shapely figure. She achieves this through simple dieting and exercises that are incorporated in the Jennifer Aniston Workout. She also engages in other celebrity workout routines to stay in shape as well and she is well known for yoga and piloxing (mixture of pilates and boxing).  What is key about the Jennifer Aniston Workout is that it is designed to tone the body and result in providing visual impact.  What we mean by visual impact is that visually, she looks stunning.  So it’s not about getting muscular and it’s not about increasing your cardio to the extent that you can run a marathon.  It’s about looking sexy and slim… and desirable for the opposite sex.  That what is referred to as visual impact training and it’s at the core of the Jennifer Aniston Workout.

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The following activities are just some of the exercises incorporated into the Jennifer Aniston Workout:

1. To keep a lean abdomen, Jennifer resorts to performing crunches in Jennifer Aniston workout. Aside from keeping your abdomen fit, the ab crunches mised with Yoga positions incorporated into the Jennifer Aniston workout can also help you by keeping your posture in an optimal position through properly aligning your trunk with the rest of your body. Studies have also shown that crunches can also help in decreasing the instances of having dysmenorrhea and other related types of pains.  To perform this, you will have to keep your back flat against a firm surface such as the floor. To increase comfort while doing the exercise, you may place a rubber mat underneath your back. Keep both of your knees slightly folded to give you a good leverage while performing the exercise. In the famous Jennifer Aniston workout, if you are a beginner in performing crunches, cross your arms over your chest so you can perform Jennifer Aniston workout easier.

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2.  The Jennifer Aniston Workout incorporates quite a bit of stretching and yoga type exercises.  This is to stretch the body and muscles and further refining them to make them tight.  These type of exercises are the key for slim legs which Jennifer Aniston is famous for.  So incorporating yoga positions is a must.  Watch the video below to find out more.

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3. Now this is the secret sauce to the Jennifer Aniston Workout.  Incorporate exercises that make your body feminine.  Don’t build muscle mass.  Build lean and tone small muscle groups that just make you look tone but not “big”.  This is where a number of workout programs for women go horribly wrong.  The were designed as spin-offs to make strength training programs or even worse muscle building programs.  Do you really want to follow a program that was designed for men if you want to achieve a feminine and sexy body.  That was a rhetorical question…

There is specific training designed for this and is rightly titled Visual Impact Training For Women.  Watch this video where celebrity trainer Rusty Moore explains it best.  Click here.

Want sexy legs? Get a Body Like Jennifer Aniston’s using the Jennifer Aniston Workout

Jennifer Aniston has the right type of body to wear any sexy dresses and outfits especially tight fitting skirts that show her toned legs. Having this type of body also demonstrates to others that you are taking care of your body. In other words, Jennifer Aniston’s body represents health and fitness. Why not follow in her footsteps and get a body like this now… and keep it until your 50? So whether if for health, fitness or just simply self confidence and great looks, look no further than the Jennifer Aniston Workout that incorporates all aspects of visual impact training for a feminine tone body.

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