GSP Workout Routine

gsp workout routineGeorge St. Pierre or more commonly known as GSP is the young Canadian pound-for-pound MMA champion who has been rated as one of the athletes with the best bodies in the MMA. Not only does he exhibit such built for wrestling matches, his body is very athletic and versatile you could easily mistake him for a track and field runner or a football player. For an MMA champion like GSP, attaining the kind of body he has is only possible because of his discipline and special MMA workout plan. The GSP workout routine he carries out every day makes him move as dynamic as a stallion in the ring.

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GSP Workout Routine

The GSP workout routine, according to Firas Zahabi, one of his trainers, is very intense. Rather than go for a slowly but surely kind of training, the GSP workout routine aims for succinct, high powered sessions. The routine largely differs from the workout used by boxers. For GSP’s trainer, GSP gets all the strength and endurance he has because of the clinching and liftings he does and a couple other important workout elements.

So, what exactly does a GSP workout routine consist of? The first thing that GSP banks on, like in any ordinary kind of workout, is a good warm-up session. GSP’s warm-up is energetic, not mellow. He moves his joints here and there to perk it up for a high-strung workout. Then he begins to transition into grappling. GSP workout routine is intense, so even the warm-up touches on this tiring exercise. He does moderate grappling for 10-15 minutes and keeps the ball rolling. He continues his warm-up working with a stability ball and working out his abs by smashing some rollouts. He does the skater hops last.

Randy Couture WorkoutWhen his body has already warmed up, this is where with some heavy barbell snatches. This exercise keeps every muscle in the body moving and releases essential hormones that aid in melting fat and stacking up lean muscles. The second exercise in the GSP workout routine is doing half get-ups. This exercise has sculpted and strengthened GSP’s abdomen better than sit-ups and crunches.

Aside from these two powerful exercises, GSP’s UFC workout and diet is complimented by other plyometric exercises he does to give him the speed, agility, balance, and endurance that he needs. Other specific exercises included in his regular workouts are a series of weighted chin-ups and a 15-second aggressive ball slams done while seated for his core. To pump his muscles and keep it burning, he does some barbell bench presses and push-ups. For his lower body, he does fiery squats and lunges plus band-resisted sprints.


Get a Body Like GSP’s Using the GSP Workout Routine

Achieving this kind of body requires a lot of power and endurance. That well-defined six-pack abs and muscular shoulders are the visible outcome of the GSP workout routine. If you have always believed in total body workout rather than split workouts, GSP workout routine is the perfect workout for you. If you want to have GSP’s athletic body and moves, try this workout plan now and be like GSP.

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