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brock lesnar workoutBrock Lesnar Workout: No matter what personal opinion you have of Brock Lesnar, he has been a Division 1 All-American Wrestler, a WWE superstar, a UFC Heavyweight Champion and he sports one of the most unbelievable superhuman physiques on the planet. Brock Lesnar got a body that you general see on superheroes and that’s when you see them in cartoon and comics.  His body is real. But not only that, for a 6 Foot 3, 280 pound muscular frame, he moves like lightning and displays the agility of someone half his size. He is undoubtingly quicker and stronger than more than 99% of men his size.

So the question begs… can you get the same physique, size, strength, speed, agility etc?  Well I’m here to tell you that you can.  You may not be the same size frame, but if you use a Brock Lesnar type strength and conditioning workout (here on in, called the Brock Lesnar Workout) you will grow big and muscular, you will triple your strength and you will sport a super human body.  The Brock Lesnar workout will rock you to the core.

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The Brock Lesnar Workout is an insane muscle building and muscle maximizer workout program that is designed with one thing in mind.  To pack on kilos of rock hard muscle in parts of the body that are most prominent.  These parts are the pectorals, upper and lower back, biceps and triceps, forearms, quads and glutes and last but not least, the calves.  Muscle maximizer programs are nothing new but the Brock Lesnar Workout is different as it packs on pounds of muscle very quickly, allows you to retain it as well as improving your speed and agility.

The Brock Lesnar Workout Schedule

The Brock Lesnar Workout definitely involves a fair share of strength conditioning and as you can see from just a 3 day excerpt below, a variety of muscle building exercises.

brock lesnar workoutDay 1 – Chest & Triceps

  • bench and incline dumbbell presses
  • dumbbell flys
  • cable crossovers
  • triceps dips and pushdowns
  • skull crushers

Day 2 – Back & Biceps

  • wide, medium, and narrow-grip pull ups
  • dead lifts
  • preacher and hammer, and incline dumbbell curls

Day 3 – Shoulders

  • overhead barbell presses
  • dumbbell presses (seated)
  • dumbbell front and lateral raises
  • smith machine upright rows
  • and barbell or dumbbell shrugs

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As per the above excerpt of the workout schedule, the Brock Lesnar Workout focuses on working out singular muscle groups and achieves muscular expansion by allotting one day a week for each body part. Combining the Brock Lesnar Workout with a circuit training program creates muscle growth without sacrificing speed and agility.  And one of the keys is the allowance intervals between weight training sets and circuit training rest intervals.

However, the overall aim is to pump certain muscle groups so hard that they simply must grow.  Of course, there is a cut down phase and maintenance phase once you’ve reached your optimum size.

His recent illnesses (which could signal the end of his UFC Career) caused him lose a lot of body mass. In candid interviews he spoke about making certain changes in his lifestyle, most especially his diet. Truckloads of beef and beer were staple menus but that has changed and Brock has been eating much cleaner and with more whole foods.  Never discount the value of nutrition when carrying out weight training.  Whilst it may not totally undermine the workout program, having a high protein and nutritious diet will add as a multiplier to your efforts at the gym.

Again the Brock Lesnar Workout covers this and more in detail.

brock lesnar workout

Get a Body Like Brock Lesnar’s Using the Brock Lesnar Workout

Don’t look at the superhuman figure of Brock Lesnar and think that you can’t achieve the same success with your own body.  Because you definitely can (just read all the success stories on our website for proof).  Don’t settle looking like a geek and if you want to pump up your bod with rock hard super size muscle, then the Brock Lesnar Workout is for you.  Don’t just take our word for it, read testimonials and get a copy of the Brock Lesnar Workout now.

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